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Daito / Blue NYNY rules

¥3,110.00 Ex Tax: ¥3,110.00

Removing your blackhead from your nose and stays in clean.Daito / Blue NYNY rules   &..

Fujimi / Morio Ash from London

¥8,950.00 Ex Tax: ¥8,950.00

The world loves our "Serebusupa" VIP finest service.Fujimi / Morio Ash from London  &n..

Ichikawa / Moulin-Aroma Care Salon

¥27,999.00 Ex Tax: ¥27,999.00

Eyes full of glamorous impression.Ichikawa / Moulin-Aroma Care Salon      ..

Iwata / Healing spray Farmhouse

¥6,999.00 Ex Tax: ¥6,999.00

Support to a variety of skin types. Have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin? Leave to our anti-ag..

Nagoya / Chi Relaxation Spa Apeze

¥4,999.00 Ex Tax: ¥4,999.00

The faith of "believe in yourself and be yourself" is the best healing mind to your body and mind.Na..

Nissin / Mu lamp Rouge

¥4,499.00 Ex Tax: ¥4,499.00

Best cycle of 28 days to keep your skin fresh with brightening feeling.Nissin / Mu lamp Rouge &n..

Sanrin / PURE EYES

¥4,100.00 Ex Tax: ¥4,100.00

Enjoy the ultimate experience of healing techniques and stunning skills.Sanrin / PURE EYES  ..

Shinjo / Antique

¥9,999.00 Ex Tax: ¥9,999.00

The menu of enhancement to the skin firmness. Popular!   Shinjo / Antique     ..

Tokyo / Rahirupu

¥8,799.00 Ex Tax: ¥8,799.00

Feel free come to our store. The affordable and custom-made full treatments are our spirit.Tokyo / R..

Toyo / Tsukasa Salon de Flora

¥3,499.00 Ex Tax: ¥3,499.00

Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Marine therapy. Toyo / Tsukasa Salon de Flora     ..

Yokoyama / Shell Phyto Therapy Salon flop

¥1,999.00 Ex Tax: ¥1,999.00

The treatment in a quiet and polite manner only tailored to you. Away from every day uproar.Yokoyama..

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